Homemade Baby Shower Gifts That Have Compliments Coming in Plenty

Homemade Baby Shower Favors

There is something very special about gifts and favors that are homemade. They are personally thought of and they come with homely warmth that cannot be compared to anything. Your baby shower will definitely stand out if you take time to make homemade baby shower favors. You need to think of the kind of favors to make. If you are short of ideas, try talking to friends. Chances are that one of them has hosted a baby shower, with homemade baby shower favors. If none of their idea sounds good to you, you have the option of searching the internet. Here, there is no shortage of wonderful and amazing ideas. Look for homemade shower ideas that you can easily make without having to sacrifice too much.

Homemade shower favors should cost you less to make compared to buying them. Some people really do not mind about spending more as long as they make the intended impression. First, decide on the favor that you want to give out. They may be candy, lotion, toys, handkerchiefs just to mention a few. The secret solely lies in wrapping and packaging them to give that cute look. One therefore needs to get nice looking ribbons, scissors, a hole punch and favor bags. Get creative and design the look you want. The name favors suggests pretty. You therefore have to come up with favors that are attractive. A homemade baby shower favor that will have your guests asking for more is an assortment of homemade cookies.

You can bake them and have your guests mesmerized. If you need help with making the perfect cookies, dust a recipe book and make some notes. Talk to your friends and get a recipe that will flatter everybody's taste buds. If you have an able baker in your household, count yourself lucky. You can now concentrate on placing then in favor bags and making them as inviting as possible. A homemade baby shower favor that is suitable for the older guests is that of a bookmark. You can research on various materials and designs available then tailor make personalized bookmarks. Use materials of different textures and colors. For the males, use bold colors while for females use pretty and light colors.

You can also make bookmarks for children. Use animal prints in interesting colors. Many are the prints that can make children happy. Experiment and come up with a masterpiece. A good way to please your guests are certificates of merit. Make these in the most thoughtful and funny way. The winners of baby shower games can be rightfully rewarded. Using nice envelopes, make the certificate as cute as possible. Homemade baby shower favors will continue to sizzle recipients. Make them the best way you can. Observe the theme and everything will go according to plan. Most importantly, keep the spirit of the baby to be born at heart. It is because of them that the occasion is possible. Do not be surprised when compliments come in plenty.

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Cupcake Stand Suitable for Different Occasions

by Jane Myers

A Cupcake Stand Is An Important Feature in Many Celebrations Today

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The popularity of cupcakes gave rise to cupcake boxes and cupcake liners demand. Adding to these accessories, cupcake stands are also becoming very popular especially to those who seek for something to showcase their cupcakes with. Having a cupcake stand is very ideal for it can help a person display cupcakes in an organized manner without piling up the mini cakes in an overly large plate and serving it to guests. To fit ones taste and preferences, cupcake stands are now available in a variety of designs and styles.
Imperial 4 Tier Plastic Cupcake / Dessert Stand - Up to 24 Cupcake Holder Stand White
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One can select a cupcake stand style that is fitting to ones purpose of having such product. Some people need to display a large number of cupcakes while some may need to showcase only a few. These purposes will lead to the tiered style of cupcake stand where in one can display a certain number of cupcakes.

The height of the stand will depend on the total number of cupcakes to be displayed. Some cupcake stands can hold up to 150 cupcakes or more. A smaller version of the stand, holding up to a dozen cupcakes, is also available that is suitable for smaller occasions.

Tag Party 3-Tier Cupcake Design, Silver with Swirl Design, 20" Tall
Various materials can be used when producing a cupcake stand. Styrofoam and wiring are the most commonly used. But one amazing thing about cupcake stands is that a person can actually build one. This factor adds to the popularity of the product. With a single kit, one is now ready to learn to make a cupcake stand. Markets nowadays are having more kits for sale for those people who want to have a do-it-yourself cupcake stand.

Cardboard can also do wonders. With a simple cardboard, one can produce a lightweight and very affordable cupcake stand. Due to the demand of cupcake stands, markets are having a sale on the said item several times a year. Occasions such as weddings do need to have a cupcake stand to keep the food display organized.

Many would want to have a cupcake stand in a party. And incredibly, various stands are designed to complement formal or casual events, and to carry a large or a few number of cupcakes.

The Best Way to Learn How to Decorate Cupcakes

by Alyssa Bradbury

Cupcake Decorating

1,000 Ideas for Decorating Cupcakes, Cookies & Cakes (1000 Series)
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The astounding designs and appetizing flavors of cupcakes will definitely make all the people out there love them. The adornment on top of the cupcakes is best nicest thing about them, and whether they are simple or elaborate they are still captivating.

What prompted people to start learning how to create and adorn cupcakes is the number of cupcakes and their fascinating designs. A few just want to start a business while others just want to create them for their loved ones.

Martha Stewart's Cupcakes: 175 Inspired Ideas for Everyone's Favorite Treat
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You will need to know the options available if you are one of the few who want learn the techniques on how to create and decorate cupcakes. One way to learn the craft is by trial and error. What you can also do is buy a book in any bookstore about cupcake or cake decoration; make purchase of some ingredients and tools and practice at home.

On the one hand, the advantage of this is that it is in no way pricey. A book, some ingredients, and a few basic tools and supplies are the only expenses with this method. On the other hand, the flaws are: you are alone and you do not have someone to ask for clarifications; because you are only doing experimentation, you will learn through trial and error and this is not the most efficient way to learn this craft.

One better way that could be done when you want to learn decorating cupcakes is to enroll in a cupcake decoration course as this will provide you with the option to either go study on-campus or online. For someone who is busy with work, with kids, or both, the latter is more ideal.
Learning how to ornament cupcakes over the internet is more convenient as this does not require a person to go to a classroom and/or follow the schedule of the school. All a person needs to have so he or she is all set are a computer or laptop, an internet connection, and cupcake decoration materials.

You are troubled that you do not have a teacher in an online course? Do not be. Nowadays, most online courses make it possible for students to communicate with their teachers and their fellow students through discussion boards and e-mail. In here, they can leave questions, share thoughts and show their creativity.

Fun Stuff Cupcakes
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You can choose from various excellent online cake decorating courses. Some examples are the following: e-books, collections of how-to videos, and subscription-based websites filled with resources. Whatever you choose among them, it will be helpful for you to advance your knowledge in decorating cupcakes.

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Traditional Quilts - The Perfect Homemade Gift

Making Beautiful Traditional Quilts

by Owen Jones

One of the excellent things about making quilts is the tradition behind quilt making and the usefulness of the ultimate product. It is certainly lovely to have a hobby that can enhance your life by either being functional or by being sellable.

One of the other good things about quilt making is that it is so flexible. If there is more than one way to skin a cat, there are thousands of ways of making a quilt.

Patch work quilts are one of the most beautiful and traditional quilts to use to keep you warm at night. They are also one of the cheapest ways of sewing a quilt, but they are not the easiest of quilts to begin with. Matching all the squares in a patch work quilt is not quite as easy as it seems. The easiest way to start is to purchase two large squares of cloth that you like.

However, there is a great tradition in Europe and America of making patch work quilts. The craft of doing this has even become a social gathering in the United States. If you would like to get going sewing patch work quilts, you could join a group if you live in America or you could join a Net group that specializes in constructing quilts. Do a search on line and you will discover what you are looking for.

There is such a great deal of choice if you would like to make a quilt. For instance, you could make the top of the quilt either completely smooth or totally fluffy or completely smooth or a mixture of all or some of them. Then you can have the underside as a extraordinary cloth too or you could just use a sheet or preferably something a bit more rugged.

If you are thoroughly daunted by the thought of making a full-size quilt, you could endeavor making a quilt for a baby. Okay, you may not have a baby and you might certainly not be planning having one, but you could create one for the practice and hold onto it to give to a special person in your life who is having a baby or only sell it through a local shop or even eBay.

Once you are confident about making and selling quilts for babies' cots or toddlers' beds, you could upgrade them a bit and offer to embroider your name and the baby's name on the quilt. Later still, you could accept orders for custom quilts, made to the desires of the orderer.

Constructing quilts, especially babies' quilts is a decent way of making money from home for people who cannot leave home a great deal. Those people such as work at home mothers and fathers, the elderly and the unwell.

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How to make Gum Paste Sugerflowers - Watch this video

Homemade Baby Shower Gifts: Making A Welcome Gift For The Baby

Author: Gene B. Pineda

Are you a first time grandmother who is about to welcome your first grandchild to the world anytime soon? Being a first time grandmother can be very exciting indeed and if you are hosting the baby shower yourself, with more reason for you to be very excited. Just think about all the fun that you will have during the party and the cool baby shower hostess gift that you can get! Now, before you get carried away with all the excitement, you need to focus on some important things like making homemade baby shower gifts for your grandchild and preparing for the baby shower party.
Why go for homemade baby shower gifts? Homemade baby shower gifts are definitely better than those things that are sold in the store. Homemade baby shower gifts bring with it a lot of personal touches which is missing from those baby products that are sold on the stores. No, you do not have to be ultra creative to be able to produce some really cool homemade baby shower gifts. There are plenty of homemade baby shower gifts that you can make at home without so much trouble. Besides, if you are not so good when it comes to creating cool baby things with your own hands, you can always ask someone else to make them for you for a fee.

Choosing The Right Homemade Baby Shower Gift

There are many types of homemade baby shower gifts that you can choose from. For instance, you can knit clothes, hats and bonnets for the baby. You can also sew some baby blankets if you want to. The baby can always use a nice warm blanket. On the other hand, if you are not so good at sewing things together, you can do for a scrapbook. Making a scrapbook can be a lot of fun.
To get started, collect some photos of the parents of the baby and some poems. You can create a story using these things. At the end of the scrapbook, put the picture of your newborn grandchild. Yes, the baby may not be able to appreciate the scrapbook yet but once the baby grows older, he or she will definitely love looking at the scrapbook.

How Much Should You Spend On Baby Shower Gifts?

As a first time grandmother, you have every right to heap a lot of gifts of your grandchild.  This means that as long as you can afford the gift, you go ahead and buy it for your first grandchild. There is always a first for everything so enjoy it while you can.
Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/babies-articles/homemade-baby-shower-gift-making-a-welcome-gift-for-the-baby-1717777.html

Homemade Baby Shower Decorations - 4 Blissful Tips

Author: Tim Lee

There are lots of things to consider when looking for homemade baby shower decorations. However, it is best if you focus more on creating an ambiance of fun, joy, and love. After all, that is what baby shower parties are all about, right?

To know more about selecting the right homemade baby shower decorations that will fit your needs, here are some tips to consider:

1. Theme

Before coming up with homemade baby shower decorations, it is best that you conceptualize a theme first. Try to select a theme that match the baby's environment, hence, it should be pleasing to the eye, pastel colors must be subdued, and the whole ambiance tranquil.  If you happen to know the gender of the baby, you can also try partnering the theme with it. For instance, if it is a girl, you can use girly stuffs that are homemade.

 2. Hanging fun

For hanging decorations, you can start using those unused strings. Get some buttons, clips, or anything that the baby uses. Tie them all in the string until you were able to make a hanging decor. This homemade baby shower decoration is practical, economical, and definitely a work of art.

 3. Crochet

You can use your skill in making crochet by creating table napkins that are hand-woven. You can even stitch your baby's name on it. You can also try crocheting the table mantle, decorate it with flowers, or stitch in some baby's items on it.

 4. Gifts' area

If you do not have any particular place to place your baby's gifts, you can try using baby's tub and fill them with blue and white balloons. These will appear as bubbles and your guests will easily place their gifts on it.
You can also have the crib as the gift's area. Fill them with confetti and some baby's items such as diapers.


Creating and using homemade baby shower decorations should be focused on a fun environment. After all, it is a celebration - your baby's birth.

About the Author
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Baby Shower Etiquette - Mind Your Manners

Author: Sarah Porter

Baby Shower Etiquette - Mind Your Manners
When it comes to baby shower etiquette, these days just about anything goes. However, there are still a few basic rules that should never be ignored. Although the baby shower party themselves may be unconventional, the rules of etiquette still dictate just about everything - from who receives Baby Shower Invitations to who picks up the tab for the event.

Who Can be Invited
Almost anyone can be invited to a baby shower, but the host should consult with the guest of honor - or at least someone close to her - to avoid embarrassment when sending out the invitations.

Even though Emily Post, the original Miss Manners, had her own set of etiquette rules for who should host the shower, modern showers can be thrown by just about anyone - from the mother of the mom-to-be to the expectant mom's coworkers. The mother-to-be herself can also host the gathering, though this is frowned upon. Tradition, however, dictates that a non-relative of the mom-to-be host the shower.

It is acceptable to include on the invitations where the mom-to-be is registered. Even so, if the mother is hosting the party for herself, this might be considered tacky. Depending on how traditional the host is, registry information may be left off of the baby shower invitation and can be given when guests call to RSVP.

Who Can Host the Baby Shower 
No matter who hosts the event, it's good manners - and good sense - to send the custom shower invitations out promptly enough to give the guests several weeks' notice. Guests may need enough time upon receiving those unique baby shower invitations to make travel arrangements or pick out the perfect gift.

Proper etiquette states that the shower should be held a few weeks or a month away from the due date. The host of the shower should take care to familiarize herself or himself with the cultural background of the expectant mom. Some families believe it is bad luck to hold a shower before the baby is born and the host is better off knowing beforehand to avoid offending anyone.

Who Pays for the Baby Showers
Determining who pays for the party can make even the savviest hostess sweat. The host of the gathering typically picks up the tab. The host is responsible, which makes having more than one host appealing to some. Bigger showers are typically reserved for first time moms, so etiquette dictates that sprinkles, second time showers, be smaller in scale. Shower Invitations should be limited to a small group of the mom-to-be's closest friends and family members.

Regardless of how traditional or non-traditional the shower is, some etiquette rules should not be ignored. Baby Thank You Cards should be sent to everyone who attended the shower. The host should provide the addresses of the people included on the invitation list to the guest of honor. Hosts should also keep track of the gifts given so that the thank you notes can be personalized and heartfelt.

By following a few simple rules, from baby shower invitation etiquette to thank you note etiquette, a shower can be a classy and fun event.
Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/babies-articles/baby-shower-etiquette-mind-your-manners-1791319.html

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Baby Shower Party Decorations to Liven Up Your Baby Shower

Author: Lan winslow

Decorations and themes that are focused and timesavers for the host. Some low cost and effective shower decoration ideas.

Decorations can be as modest or as extravagant as your budget and time allows. Literally there are a number of ways for decorating the shower. Balloons, cakes, table settings, along with wall and ceiling decorations. Decorations are an important part of any special baby shower.

Fill a basket or small wagon with stuffed animals to be used as a centerpiece. You can also place teddy bears around the room along with some dolls and toys. Place them on tables, bookcases and peeking over lamps. Or set up a train on your table. Then fill the cars with small baby items such as teething rings, pacifiers, rattles, and booties.

Although the theme as well as decorations of modern showers have changed with the times, it is still traditional to the use the colors of the baby's nursery. You can decorate the nursery with fresh flowers, balloons and streamers.

As a general rule one should stick to the traditional ways of decorating. If you are going with the traditional party decorations, you would use china and silver. No doubt every shower needs some sort of decorations.
In baby showers it is not a necessity to use a lot of decorations. Just simple decorations would be sufficient if that is your desire, perhaps along with a few seasonal flowers and party toys.
If you do wish to celebrate the shower in a big way there are many party stores that carry large assortments of baby decorations such as storks, teddy bears and nursery rhyme characters.
These decorations can be placed anywhere and removed easily after the shower. You can give these to the expectant couple to take home after the party. Most of them can be reused for some other occasions such as a childs birthday party. One of these would be a baby diaper cake which has become very popular.
There are many more baby shower party decorations and themes. For instance, gather a bouquet of pink and blue balloons and tie them with pink and blue ribbons. You can attach them to a chair, or as the centerpiece containing baby's breath and greens.

Similarly, purchase a small umbrella and hang it upside down over the table. Maybe over where the mother-to-be will be sitting to open the baby shower gifts. Fill the umbrella with balloons and let ribbons or streamers hang over the edges.

Softly play light music or children's songs. You can also do mild lighting with small bulbs as used in Christmas tree decorations. If you know what names the parents have chosen, spell them out using wooden blocks or paper strips.

Summary of Decorating Ideas

Nursery Colors:
Use colors from the nursery for your theme. This option gives the flexibility to use any type of napkins, tableware, and party decorations for your party. You don't necessarily need to buy expensive party decorations with patterns, just use the same colors throughout.

Nursery Theme:
Similar to the nursery colors, but this one uses the actual theme of the nursery. Ask the mom-to-be what she plans for her nursery decor and go from there. If her decor is lace and cream, then keep to that same look and feel for the shower, using party decorations with that color and pattern.
Another important part is where you are actually organizing the baby shower. The location will help you determine the matching party decorations and themes. Whether your baby shower is in an elegant restaurant, a banquet hall or a warm cozy home. The right supplies and party decorations will add that extra finishing touch.

Pick a theme and carry it through with coordinating supplies and party decorations such as centerpieces, balloons, gifts and party favors. From invitations and games to cups, plates and napkins. These party supplies offer everything you'll need for the perfect baby shower.
A little bit of creativity and imagination will play a big role here. Good baby shower party decorations need not be very costly, but does require some effort and creativity. While choosing a baby shower theme or baby shower games remember to make them a good fit for all the baby shower guests invited. You also might want to offer the party winners little treats like candies and eclairs.

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Practical Ideas when buying Baby Gifts

Baby Aspen "My Little Night Owl" Snuggle Sack and Cap, 0-6 Months
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by Nia Lawrence

Attending a baby shower or a christening is really a special occasion and your gift should match how you feel about these events. This could, however, be a challenging task for busy individuals who couldn't even find time to drop by the baby stores in their area anymore. In these cases, the excellent solution would be to access options for online shopping. You could get the chance to shop around and find the best items once you settle for the resources offered by the internet since details about the items and the prices are included therein.

Once you are already on the web, you will instantly see a wealth of selections for cute and colorful baby gifts. For example, baby toys may be a common idea but you could not go wrong with them. They never go out of style and all you need to do is to purchase the right toy that matches the baby's age category. Accordingly, you may also want to get a teddy bear or plush toys if you want something appropriate for all ages.

Again, all you have to do is to check out the items and the prices so you could see which gifts would be most effective. If you're not too keen about the idea of giving toys, you may instead want to purchase a baby gift basket that contains essential baby care products. As opposed to toys, these baby gifts are more practical and parents would surely be pleased regarding your concern for the baby's welfare. These baskets typically contain baby soaps, lotions, shampoos, towels, and more. You bet your thoughtfulness will always be remembered each time they use these bathroom items.

If you think you can afford it, a baby monitor could also be a great addition to any baby room. With these modern devices, it would be possible to track the baby's movements even without staying beside the crib all the time.

Lastly, blankets and sleeping kits for babies should also be another worthwhile idea. Baby shops usually have a lot of design and color options for those wanting to purchase these items. At times, specialty stores even offer personalized services so you can customize your baby gifts and make a seemingly ordinary gift become more memorable. Again, all these ideas can be instantly accessed once you purchase from the right resources. Whether you shop online or offline, the important thing is that you get something creative and colorful to make your gift stand out among the rest.

Going to a baby shower party soon or preparing for an upcoming christening? Buying baby gifts in advance should be a good idea if you do not want to get delayed or even if you want to save on your expenses. Whether you shop online or offline, big discounts can also be found if you look for the right resources.

Chicco Toys 4 In 1 Ride On

The Fun and Excitement of Cupcake Themed Parties

by John  McAdams

For first birthdays, cupcake themed parties are usually the primary choice. But this does not mean that other age levels can't have the same themed parties; cupcake theme is suitable for any age group. Parties require invitations, right? You can design the said invitations such that it looks like a cupcake. You can also prepare cupcake party games. And serve at your party delicious cupcakes for your guests to enjoy.

Try to be more creative and have in your party a piata shaped like a cupcake with lots of sweet goodies inside. It is easy to make but takes time to dry, giving it a week at least. So making the piata a week before it is actually needed is advised. Design it the way you want to look like, it is up to your creativity.

"Pin the Cherry on the Cupcake" is a very popular game the children love. Make use of fabric version or the home-made one that children are able to help in decorating. Home-made version is produced by drawing a big cupcake on a large piece of paper and decorating it with different colors and sparkles if you like. Children will enjoy preparing this as much as playing the game itself.

Keeping the kids occupied is easy. Have them decorate cupcakes with various designs using sequins, sparkles, and edible toppings. And as soon the kids finish decorating the plain cupcakes, they can either bring it home or enjoy the delightfulness right there and then.

But, there are times that some people wouldn't want to make the cupcakes as part of the party games. So you can prepare cookies that are shaped like cupcakes. The kids can decorate these instead. There are some kids that enjoy painting cupcake plaster shapes. You can find cupcake shaped moulds in various markets. Shape it into cupcakes before the actual event. Prepare sets of sequins, glitters, and beads. But be extra cautious with these.

If painting artificial cupcakes is messy, you can have a drawn cupcake and supply enough copies for the kids to color and doodle on it with the use of different coloring pencils and texts.

Using fabrics for tablecloth and little party favour bags is a good idea. There are cupcake shaped goodies available for guests to have fun with. One way to make your cupcakes more enticing to your guests at a party is to put them in a fantastic cup cake stand. 

Baby Shower Cakes

Spruce Up Your Baby Shower with the Perfect Baby Shower Cake

If you are looking for a way to spruce up your baby shower—try getting a creative cake.  Creative baby shower cakes are always a pleasant sight to see and will definitely leave the mother-to-be and her guest smiling. A baby shower cake can fall into two categories: a cake that you eat and diaper cake which acts as a centerpiece or a gift for the new mommy.  In either case they are a lovely sight to see.

Choosing the Perfect Edible Cake for a Baby Shower

When you are out looking for that perfect baby shower cake, take in consideration the theme of the baby shower. If you are having a shower around the rubber ducky theme, it would be great to get a rubber ducky cake, or you can have a baby carriage cake and get it either pink, blue or yellow depending on the sex of the baby. If you already know the baby’s name then you can also have a cake with the baby name on it! However, there are some cakes that can go with any theme. You have the block cake and this particular cake goes with any baby shower theme as long as the cake colors correlate with the baby shower. But remember, having cakes customized can get a bit pricey, so you can go with a nice simple one-layer cake and place a baby rattle on top! We cannot forget about cupcakes! Cupcake towers are also popular for baby showers and can easily take the place of a cake. The cupcakes are fun, adorable and dainty; you can also put a topper on the cupcake tower that fits right into your theme!  The most important thing when picking out that perfect sweet treat for a baby shower is to get creative; your guest and the mother-to-be will be thrilled!

About the Author
Keisha Mosley is a writer for Favors In The City where you can shop for baby shower favors for a perfect baby shower party.

How to make baby shower rattle cupcakes

Make Unique Baby Shower Favors from Common Store Items

You are having a baby and you want to formally announce it with your closest friends and relatives. Then it's time to party. Let's have a baby shower!

Making preparations for a baby shower can also be frustrating. There are lots of things that need to be planned and set properly like the venue, foods, and of course, baby shower favors. Baby showers are not one-way gift giving. Your guests (close friends and relatives) also deserve to have something that they'll surely cherish. But there is one simple requirement when it comes to giving favors - creativity.

Do-it-yourself shower favors are great for creating a unique favor. All you need are simple raw materials, a little creativity and some time and you are all set. Baby shower favors don't need to be expensive. The cost should be considered first-hand for you will be giving not just one, not two, but a lot of these favors. In fact, you can find everything you need at your local department or grocery store.

In grocery stores, you can find a lot of goodies that can be easily transformed into something amazing. Listed below are just a few of the many examples that everyone can try:

Chocolate Filled Feeding Bottles
You can buy a few sets of small feeding bottles from department stores and then fill each bottle with Hershey's kisses or nibble sized chocolates like M&Ms.

Soap Favors
One practical baby shower favor idea is the use of soaps. Surely everyone will like these since all of us use soaps. Soaps are common and consistent products inside grocery stores. You can buy some depending on the number of the invited guests and then craft them with baby themed shapes like ducks, teddy bears, feeding bottles, and more.

Socks and Mints
These are baby socks filled with mint candies. Color of the socks can vary depending on the gender of the upcoming baby.

Candle Filled Tea Cups
Provided that you know how to make candles at home, these baby shower favors will just be a piece of cake. If not, you can just buy small tablet candles that can fit inside the cups.

Mirror Miniatures or Picture Frames
If your baby shower is planned after your baby is born, you take a picture of him/her and place one in each of the picture frames.

Cookies Wrapped with Baby Themed Transparent Cellophanes
Cookies are appropriate baby favors for they can be easily packed and of course delicious. Most if not all of your guests will like the idea.

Time should be properly considered when it comes to planning your baby shower. This will give you more time allowance to decide and prepare for your baby shower favors. You can also ask one or two of your closest friends or relatives for some assistance to get things done.

About the Author
Jamie Highland is a writer who enjoys events like weddings and baby showers. For more unique baby shower favors and ideas, including baby shower coffee, visit My Baby Shower Favors.

The Complete Baby Shower Checklist: Baby Shower Invitations, Favors, Games And More

The Baby Guide: Planning the Ultimate Baby Shower-Limited Edition
Go to Amazon.co.uk
Checklists are an excellent way to make sure that everything gets done while keeping stress to a minimum. Checklists can also help you allocate tasks to willing helpers, making the job that much easier. The essential components of hosting a baby shower include creating a guest list, ordering baby shower invitations, party decorations, and favors, organizing two or three games, deciding upon the food and beverages that will be served, and, above all else, ensuring that the mother-to-be will be happy with the results.

1. Guest List

Before other decisions can be made, the budget, date, and time must be determined, and the guest list created. Generally, the celebration is held six to eight weeks prior to the estimated birth date. Keep in mind that, as the delivery date nears, activities can become difficult for the expectant mother. It is a good idea to agree upon some sort of 'secret signal' between the guest of honor and the hostess that says, 'I've had enough.'

Traditionally, guests were women, the point being to provide the new mother-to-be with knowledge, supplies, and furnishings she would need. Today's event is more of a celebration and anyone can be invited, men included. Once the number of guests is determined, the fun begins!

2. Select A Theme And Location

Theme and location are selected once the guest list and budget are determined. Themes often feature Mother Goose rhymes, ABC's, Dr. Seuss, teddy bears, or something more seasonal or unique to the family, such as a favorite sports team. Color schemes are no longer limited to the pinks and blues of before. Now, earth tones or pastels are popular. Online providers of birth announcements and invitations allow you to create one-of-a-kind cards that share this joyous news in unique colors, fonts, and styles.

3. What To Include On Birth Announcements and Invitations

Unique baby shower invitations set the tone for the party, making them a crucial part of the planning process. They include all the traditional information, such as day, date, time, and location. They also include the name and contact information of the hostess, in case guests have questions, and RSVP instructions. They also incorporate gift registry information and directions to the party venue.

Creating unique birth announcements and invitations allows family photographs of the couple, customized messages, and other special touches to be used that no one else can, all while looking stylish and coordinated. Matching thank you cards can also be ordered - an excellent idea with so many gifts on their way and so little time!

4. Set The Stage
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Depending upon the venue, there are plenty of decorating options to choose from that will correlate with the theme set out in the baby shower invitations. Restaurants and other public buildings will have requirements of their own, making most decorations of the table top variety: diaper cakes, stuffed animals, and balloons are easy and affordable ways of making the party more festive.

If the party will be held in a private home, the decorations can be more lavish and playful: a clothesline strung across the room, decked out with infant clothes and cloth diapers, or streamers that match the color scheme of the baby shower invitations. Tableware can also carry on the color scheme. Ideally, many of the decorations will be able to serve double duty as gifts for the new infant.

5. Favors And Games

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As soon as guests receive baby shower invitations, they will begin wondering what sort of games and activities will be planned. They can be riotously funny team events that challenge one partner to feed the other while blindfolded, to see who can diaper a doll the fastest, or infant-related charades. Other activities may include creating a memento of good wishes and parenting advice from guests. There are also fun sit-down activities such as baby bingo, nursery rhyme Jeopardy, and the ever-popular mystery baby food tasting game! Edible favors are always appreciated. Live plants, gift certificates, and bath oils have become more popular than the more traditional trinkets that, more often than not, find themselves tossed out.

6. Food And Beverages

Depending upon the guest list and the time of day, the menu can be a nice collection of appetizers, sandwiches, a dessert menu, or, if time and money permit, a sit-down meal. Generally speaking, alcohol is not served at a shower. Instead, sparkling juices, punch, or other healthy choices are offered. Finger foods are always an excellent choice for a party, as they allow guests to mingle and participate in activities.

Using the baby shower invitations as a hub to the planning process results in decorations, activities, and favors that are all tied together. The baby announcements, when that time comes, will reconnect shower guests to the wonderful event they shared with one another in celebration of the new bundle of joy!

About the Author
Chris Harmen enjoys creating and sharing custom designed photo Christmas cards and baby shower invitations with family and friends around the world.

Throw the Perfect Baby Shower With the Perfect Party Favors

Author: Sandra Canfield

Having a baby is a significant and often life changing event so it's defiantly worth celebrating! What better excuse do you need than a new arrival to round up your closest friends and family to celebrate bringing your new born into this world?

A baby shower represents a party in which the expectant parents receive gifts for their newborn baby such as baby clothes. The original intension of a baby shower was to help parents gain items they need for their baby; this is still true to a certain extent but they are also an excuse to get everyone together for a celebration. Baby showers have always been popular in the US but they are now becoming more common in the UK and around Europe.

Thinking about the traditional sense of a baby shower again it is held only for the mother-to-be, and only women attend. However, in recent times, men are also starting to participate in a couples baby showers. The person who normally organizes the baby shower isn't the expectant mother, it is normally a close friend or relative and the baby shower can be held at any location but normally it takes place at someone’s house.

If you are planning on throwing a baby shower for an expectant mother then the best time to do it is during the last trimester of the pregnancy. It is then up to you whether you keep it a surprise from the mom-to-be or you tell her what you are planning so that she has something to look forward to in the last few weeks.

One consideration that you may want to keep in mind when you are planning a baby shower is if you want the shower to have a theme. Typically baby showers generally do have a theme and this theme is generally a baby theme in order to get everyone in the mood for the new arrival. Some popular themes include the following:
  • Pink or Blue theme – this only really works if you know the sex of the baby. If you are expecting a girl then the theme of your baby shower should reflect this through the use of pink, fairytale decorations. If you are expecting a boy then blue should be the dominant color.
  • Nursery rhymes – place toys that relate to certain nursery rhymes around the room and get your guests to name as many nursery rhymes as they can.
Whatever theme you do decide on you can use this as a basis for the type of baby shower favors you will have to thank your guests for coming. Some examples of the baby shower favors that would work well for a baby shower are as follows; 

  • personalized baby shower mint tines, 
  • muffin mix favors, 
  • personalized sugar cookie mix favors, 
  • bun in the oven mix, 
  • bun in the oven candles, 
  • baby bottle candles, 
  • crystal baby strollers, 
  • chocolate lollipops, 
  • personalized baby photo frames 
  • baby chick salt and pepper shakers.

The above are just a few examples of the type of baby shower favors that are available. Just remember your guests took the time to look for the perfect baby shower present so you should take the time to say thank you properly through the perfect baby shower favor.

Baby shower favors allow your guests to remember the night always and if your baby shower party favors are personalized then your guests will keep the importance of the day with them always.

About the Author
S Canfield, owner of Accent the Party selling many different types and themes of unique wedding party favors, baby shower favors and party favors.